Notice: Ordinance Registration Requirements (Short Term, Long Term, and Business)



August 2nd, 2022 – Dear City of New Buffalo Residents and Business & Property Owners, 


City Ordinances require parties to annually register Short Term Rentals (STR), Long Term Rentals (LTR) and Businesses operating within the City of New Buffalo.  

Applications, along with meeting and zoning information, are available at City Hall and via our city website: 

The city ordinances in question: Ord. #248 (STR), Ord. #252 (LTR), and Ord. # 249 (Business Registration). Application deadlines are in effect and every classification is due to be registered at this time.  

Failure to comply with the registration process will result in enforcement of the ordinances, to include penalties.  

Please make the time to review all New Buffalo City Ordinances, as parties are subject to following the law. Should you have any questions, or concerns, please contact the Code Enforcement department at 269-469-1500 x116. 


Thank you, 


Gail Grosse – Code Enforcement Officer 


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