Who do I contact about issues with my sewer, or storm drain?

The City is served by two types of sewers:

(1) Storm drains (also called storm sewers) are used for outdoor rainwater runoff and water from sump pumps, eave down spouts, footing and floor drains.  Stormwater should be sent to the storm drains, not sanitary sewers.  In the City, storm drains are maintained by the City Streets Department.

(2) Sanitary sewers are used for wastewater from toilets, sinks, indoor showers, clothes washers, dish washers, and garbage disposals.  Wastewater should be plumbed into the sanitary sewer, not storm drains.  In the City the sanitary sewer collection system is maintained by the City Streets Department with assistance from the Galien River Sanitary District (GRSD) Sewer Authority (who is responsible for forcemains and wastewater treatment.)

Please see our GRSD webpage for more information.  Their telephone number is 269-469-3434.

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