FAQ Topic: Parking

Where can I park a Motor Home, or RV?

You may park your motor home in the Free lot located at Buffalo St. and Whittaker St. for 1 day parking only. Please adhere to all other New Buffalo City Parking Ordinances.

Can I park on the side of the road?

Yes, you may park on the roadside between Memorial day and Labor day only. At the curb, you must be parked within 12 inches from the curb. Parking of any vehicle on any lawn or landscaped area is prohibited. Do not park in front of someone else’s driveway or fire hydrants.   Parking Ordinances can … Continued

How does the Pay by Plate system work at the beach?

Find a parking spot. Know your correct license plate number (take a picture, or write it down) Input your plate information into any of the Kiosks, or through the online app. Select the amount of time you wish to stay. Pay via credit card. ENJOY THE BEACH!

Where can I find free parking?

The city has 2 large free lots. Buffalo St. & Whittaker St. by the traffic light. Mechanic St. & Barton St. New Buffalo also offers free roadside parking as long as you follow parking regulations. No parking in front of fire hydrants No parking in front of driveways At the curb, you must be parked … Continued

Where can I park if the beach lot is full?

You may park anywhere in the city that is not designated by signs as a no Parking Zone, as long as you follow parking ordinances. Violation of ordinances or three hour uptown parking may be subject to criminal fine and penalty.

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