Reporting issues with right-of-way landscaping

The City has authority over the planting, trimming, and removing of trees and shrubs in City rights-of-way. Please contact the Street Department, 269-469-2781, to report trees in a City right-of-way which are diseased, dead, or a threat to public safety.

If you would like to request permission to plant, remove, or maintain trees or shrubs within a City right-of-way, please fill out the Right-of-Way Tree application.

Street Right-of-Way

No street, sidewalk, apron or any public property shall be disturbed in any way without first obtaining a permit signed by the Department of Public Works.  If you would like to request permission to disturb the street, sidewalk, apron or any public property, please fill out the Street Right-of-Way permit.


Criminal Penalties

It is unlawful to plant or remove any tree or shrub within a City right-of-way except in compliance with City Ordinance, Section 18-6 “Trees and shrubs.” Violators will receive a civil infraction and will be responsible for fines. Property owners are responsible for maintaining trees on their property.

If you are unsure where the right-of-way is located please consult with City staff at 269-469-2781 prior to removal of landscaping.

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