FAQ Topic: Utilities & Services

How do I change my water bill to autopay?

To sign up to autopay your utility bill, fill out the Authorization for Automatic Withdrawal Form. Reminder:  A voided check or a copy/picture of a voided check is required. There are two ways to submit your autopay form: Drop off the form and the voided check at City Hall, 224 W. Buffalo St. New Buffalo, … Continued

How do I change the address on my water bill?

To change the address on your water bill, please go to the Water Bill Change of Address Form, download the form, fill it in and save it. To submit your form online, please go to the Water Department Form Submission Page, fill in the required fields, attach your change-of-address form and click Submit.

Who provides Natural Gas to the City?

The City’s natural gas utility is Semco Energy Gas Company, 800-624-2019.  Regulations concerning the City’s natural gas utility can be found in City Ordinances, starting in Section 20-28.

Who provides electrical services to the city?

The City’s electric utility is Indiana Michigan Power, a unit of American Electric Power, 800-311-6424.  Regulations concerning the City’s electric utility can be found in City Ordinances, starting in Section 20-22.  This area receives electricity from the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Michigan.  Nuclear Emergency Information is available – New Buffalo is a reception area … Continued

Who do I contact for Trash and Recycling pickup?

RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL COLLECTION SERVICES Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal is the current recycling and waste contractor for the City.  Collection day will be every Wednesday, except when a holiday falls on Wednesday with collection the following day. Lakeshore Recycling and Disposal will conduct solid waste and yard waste/brush collection services every week on Wednesdays . Lakeshore will … Continued

Who do I contact about issues with my sewer, or storm drain?

The City is served by two types of sewers: (1) Storm drains (also called storm sewers) are used for outdoor rainwater runoff and water from sump pumps, eave down spouts, footing and floor drains.  Stormwater should be sent to the storm drains, not sanitary sewers.  In the City, storm drains are maintained by the City Streets … Continued

How do I report a street lights that is out?

STANDARD STREET LIGHTS Standard street lights in the City are the responsibility of the electric utility, Indiana Michigan Power, a unit of American Electric Power (see below).  Here is a link to their street light problem webpage. DECORATIVE STREET LIGHTS The decorative street lights, which are along North Whittaker Street from Oselka Drive (including the … Continued

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