Boat Launch

City Boat Launch

The City Boat Launch is located at 201 Marquette Drive, which is about 1,200 feet northeast of the Whittaker Street Bridge.  The bridge to Lake Michigan is an additional 2,000 feet, approximately.

To purchase a season pass your boat trailer must be on location, the Park Ranger will attach your pass to your trailer.

City Boat Launch Rules

Welcome to the City of New Buffalo's Boat Launch.  We hope that you will enjoy your stay in New Buffalo, and we ask that you comply with these rules while you are here.

Parking Rules

  1. The parking lot is for vehicles with boat trailers only; all violators will be ticketed and towed.
  2. Any vehicle left overnight without written permission will be ticketed and towed.
  3. There is no parking on the ramp apron.
  4. Please pull forward to a parking space before tying down.

Launching Rules

  1. Your watercraft must be ready to launch before you enter the launch area.
  2. Do not power on/ off the launching ramps.
  3. Do not tie down your craft on the ramps.
  4. On busy days go only to assigned ramps for launch or recovery.

Note on Power Loading
Boaters are reminded to winch their craft onto boat trailers instead of powering their boat onto the trailer.

Boat ramps can get badly damaged by boaters who power their boats onto the boat trailer.  The strong current created by the boat's propeller causes severe erosion and wash out at the end of the ramp.  This condition, in turn, can also cause damage to boat trailers.

Boating Rules

  1. Do not fuel watercraft in the water off the skid piers.
  2. No maintenance or draining oil while at the skid piers, or emptying bilges while pulling out.
  3. Watercraft must stay at least 200 feet away from the breakwater to the privately owned beach.
  4. Jetski-type craft must obey watercraft rules – stay off New Buffalo City Beach.

Other Boat Launch Rules

  1. Keep all alcoholic beverages and glass containers stowed on your watercraft while in the park.
  2. Dogs are prohibited except for loading into owners' vehicles or watercraft.
  3. Payment for launching your watercraft is through the kiosk with a credit/debit card only.  No cash accepted.
  4. Security cameras are in place – crimes will be reported and prosecuted.
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