Municipal Marina

About the Transient Marina

The City Transient Marina is located at 100 W. Water St., which is just west of the Whittaker Street Bridge.  The Marina has 30 slips available to guests for transient use.  Marina attendants monitor radio channels 9 and 16.

Federal Navigation Channel entrance: 41° 48' 07" N, 86° 45' 13" W

City Transient Marina: 41° 47' 53" N, 86° 44' 50" W

Amenities include: electricity (30 and 50 amp), water, restrooms, showers, pump out, ice, boat launch, long-term parking, public phone, dog run, day-use dockage, and picnic tables with grills available. Plus there is a playground at City Beach, just one block away.

City Marina Docking Slips


The City Transient Marina's docking slips are labeled below.  The first two docking slips are used by the New Buffalo City Police Department and Berrien County Sheriff Department to dock their patrol craft, so they are not available for use by the public.

Slips 1 through 13 are served by seven 30' piers.  Slips 14 through 21 and Slips 28 through 32 (thirteen total) are served by six 38' piers and the 38' seawall closest to the bridge.  Slips 22 through 25 (four total) are served by two 45' piers.  Slip 26 is served by the 85' long seawall.  Slip 27 is along the 60' seawall, but it is the location of the pump-out, so it is reserved for that purpose.

skyview of transient marina slips

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City Transient Marina Rules

WELCOME to the City of New Buffalo's Transient Marina (hereafter Marina for short).  Amenities include 30 or 50 amp shore power, water, and bathrooms with shower.  We hope that you will enjoy your stay in New Buffalo, and we ask that you comply with these rules while you are here.

  1. DOCKING is by permit only. While space is available, you may obtain a permit at the Marina office at the time of use, or you may make a reservation ahead of time.
  2. RESERVATIONS are available by contacting 800-447-2757, or by going to  We do not accept reservations at City Hall or Parks Dept. Office.
  3. PERMITS are issued only to pleasure boats.  In order to obtain a permit, Marina users must fill out all required information as requested by the Marina Attendant.  Any boat which is not marked or identified properly shall not be permitted within the Marina.
  4. PERMITS are only good for the number of days paid for, up to a maximum of seven days.  A Marina user may not berth at the Marina for two days following a consecutive seven days stay.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a fine of $75, coupled with a prohibition from using the Marina for the balance of the season.  Permits cannot be transferred to another vessel and/or boat owner.
  5. HOURS of operation for the Marina are between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM EST Friday through Sunday and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Thursday, from mid April through mid October.  All boats must be removed from the Marina by 5:00 PM EST mid October.
  6. AUTOMOBILE PARKING is by permit only.  Parking permits need to be requested.  Automobiles without a permit will be ticketed and towed.
  7. CHECKOUT TIME is 12:00 noon EST.  Any boat which remains in the docking space beyond the check out time must pay the fee for an additional twenty-four (24) hours period.
  8. QUIET HOURS start at 11:00 PM EST.
  9. LUNCH STOPS are available (space permitting) Sunday through Thursday at $10.00 for two hours.  If you stay longer than two hours you will be charged for a full day.  Please leave your cell phone number.
  10. PUMP-OUT is $5.00, and they run for approximately four (4) minutes.
  11. REACH US on channels 16 and 9, or by calling 269-469-6887.
  12. DOGS must be leashed at all times. Dogs must remain within the walk area located by Slip 6.  You are required to clean up after your dog.
  13. ALCOHOL is only allowed on boats.  Marina users may not walk on land between any locations with an open container of alcoholic beverage.
  14. WASTE may only be emptied at the dumpster on west side of the parking lot.  Keep your area clean.
  15. COMMERCIAL # of the Marina is not permitted.
  16. CHANGES IN USE of your slip must be brought to the attention of the Harbormaster (e.g., pulling your boat early, leaving anything unattended).
  17. RESERVATIONS CANCELLED – Refunds will be honored with a 48 hour notice after that  your reservation will be cancelled without refund.  You must contact the DNR.
  18. BOATING EMERGENCIES need to be reported immediately to the Marina Attendant.
  19. SEAWORTHY – Boats must be sea worthy and may not constitute a fire hazard in the opinion of the Harbormaster.  Any boat that is a hazard shall be removed from the Marina immediately upon an order by the Harbormaster.
  20. NO WAKE – Marina users shall use discretion in operating motors, generators or bilge pumps to avoid creating any disturbance for other Marina users in the Marina.  The whole harbor and river area is a no wake zone.
  21. MARINA USERS may not leave a boat in the Marina and leave the City of New Buffalo for a period of more than twenty-four (24) hours where the boat is unoccupied.  The Marina is a transient facility and is not intended for use as an interim storage area.
  22. BOATS ENTERING the Marina during the hours of operation in the open season shall immediately come under jurisdiction of the Marina.  Any boat entering the Marina shall be berthed or anchored only in such location and manner as described by the Marina Attendant.
  23. DISORDERLY CONDUCT is not permitted and will result in immediate eviction without refund.
  24. SWIMMING/DIVING is not permitted within the Marina.
  25. PARKING OR LOADING/UNLOADING of passengers/materials from motorized watercraft is not permitted at New Buffalo City Beach Park.
  26. STORAGE – Marina users shall not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris upon any walkway, dock or Marina grounds.
  27. ADVERTISING or soliciting is not permitted on any boat, on the grounds or on the property of the Marina.  (Exception: boats berthed in the Marina may display not more than one sign indicating that the boat is for sale, it may not be larger than twelve (12) inches, and must be in or on that vessel).
  28. OUTSTANDING BILLS – Bills that are outstanding for a period of thirty (30) or more days shall be referred to a collection agency.  The owner of any boat which has an outstanding bill shall not be permitted to use the Marina.
  29. A WAITING LIST will be started at 7:00 AM EST each morning.  Boat owners or their representative must be present at the Marina Office, and the vessel must be in the water and within the near vicinity of the Marina.  A radio call will be given upon request.  In the event that docking space is not obtained on a given day, the remaining names on the list will be earned over to the next day's list.  However, the boat owner or his representative must be present to obtain docking space.
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