Lions Park


The Lions Pavilion is named such because it was a generous gift to the City of New Buffalo from the New Buffalo Lions Club.  The New Buffalo Lions Club continues to help out – in 2008 they repainted the pavilion.


The pavilion is located at 101 Marquette Drive, which is across the street from the City Beach.  Lakefront Park, owned by the City, contains the City Beach, City Boat Launch, Lions Pavilion Park, and the Riverfront (north of the bridge, west of Whittaker, up to the City Beach parking lot), all on the same parcel of land.


Reservation Policy

  1. Reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis
  2. Reservations are only available to the City of New Buffalo, and residents and organizations of either the City of New Buffalo or New Buffalo Township
    and applications that deem to be in the best interest of the City of New Buffalo.
  3. Reservations are only available for the current calendar year.
  4. Reservations are not permitted during Ship and Shore Festival, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holiday weekends.  The pavilion may be open on those dates to the general public on a first come, first serve basis, unless otherwise reserved by the City of New Buffalo.
  5. Weekends include Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  6. The City Clerk may hold dates and times for special events historically approved by the City Council.  These dates will supersede all other reserved dates.
  7. Starting the first business day of January each year, any resident or organization of the City of New Buffalo or New Buffalo Township may make a maximum of three (3) weekend day reservations per year.
  8. Reservations are not considered confirmed until the rental fee and security deposit have been received by the City Clerk.
  9. There is a rental fee of $125.00 and security deposit of $100.00 per reserved event for use of the Lions Pavilion.
  10. A single security deposit may roll-over for reservations by a single user within the calendar year.
  11. The security deposit and rental fee is waived for the City of New Buffalo and for the New Buffalo Lions Club.
  12. The City Council reserves the right to waive the rental fee and security deposit for other groups and special events.
  13. The security deposit will be refunded to the user provided the pavilion is cleaned at the end of its use and no damages occurred.  The Park Superintendent  or his or her representative shall make the determination on the return of the security deposit following an inspection of the pavilion.
  14. Users who cancel reservations at least two weeks prior to a reserved event shall be refunded the full amount of the rental fee and security deposit.
  15. Users who cancel reservations less than two weeks prior to a reserved event shall be refunded the full amount of the security deposit, however, the rental fee will not be refunded by the City.
  16. Reservations of the Lions Pavilion include no parking accommodations or parking passes.  Parking is available to users at the City’s Beach Parking Lot at normal hourly and daily rates.  During regularly scheduled meetings of the New Buffalo Lions Club Lions Club members wearing a Lions Club pin may park for free at the City Beach parking lot, so long as such parking spaces are available.
  17. Users of the Lions Pavilion are required to adhere to all City of New Buffalo Park Rules.  The City will provide normal trash service at the pavilion.  Users of the pavilion will have access to the full amenities and furnishings of the pavilion.
  18. No signs or banners shall be displayed at the pavilion unless approved by the City Council, and are in keeping with City Ordinances.


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